Junius Real Estate Partners

Ability, Agility, Stability

Established as an independent investment division, Junius Real Estate Partners combines the nimble investment sourcing, structuring, execution and asset management capabilities of a deeply skilled and highly focused boutique real estate investment manager with the fiduciary heritage, powerful infrastructure and vast resources of J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

Junius Real Estate Parters - Strategy Acquisition Asset Management Disposition Client Relations Reporting.  JPMorgan Asset Management - Capital Raising, Financial Controls, IT Infrastructure, Fund Administration, Legal Compliance, Macro Research, Market Research, Human Resources

The Junius platform seeks to provide full-service investment execution from sourcing, structuring and financing new business opportunities to implementing and executing value-added business plans and prudently exiting investments. Junius' investment team is dedicated solely to the Junius platform and has a singular mandate to execute and deliver excellent service and results to its partners.

Junius benefits from the support and stability of J.P. Morgan Asset Management, freeing the investment team to focus on building a portfolio of high quality investments and providing a distinct advantage over other boutique platforms.


J.P. Morgan Sponsorship

  • Substantial operating leverage and institutional best practices; no back office "drag" on investment team
  • Superior resources and credibility within real estate and financial services communities

Focused, No Distractions

  • Team 100% dedicated to investing and managing investors' capital

Versatile, Hand-Selected Team

  • Top tier investors with complementary industry relationships and skill sets across all asset types, markets and capital structure
  • Successful history building and managing real estate investment businesses

Middle Market, Value Creation

  • Focus on value creation opportunities that fall under the radar of mega funds and are out of reach for smaller investors
  • Target capital constrained assets; provide solution-oriented capital to transitional properties in primary and secondary markets

Operational Approach

  • Property-focused investments combining operating initiatives and capital markets strategies
  • Identify and execute on opportunities with or without operating partners

With the fiduciary support of J.P. Morgan Asset Management Footnote  (Opens Overlay), Junius is positioned to deliver the highest level of institutional oversight, while providing the personalized service of a boutique sponsor.